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Before & After

🔆 Wine Bar Transformation 🔆


🔆 Entrance Restored 🔆

We were asked to restore and improve the main entrance... check out our end results!

🔆 Commercial Door Makeover 🔆

A fun and interesting project we're happy to have been part of!

Our customer was originally going to replace his wine bar entrance with an iron glass door which is what's normally done.


This however, tends to be pricey so we changed the game by designing and hand-forging an iron structure and placing it on top of the existing door.

🔆 Product Repair & Transformation 🔆

This ceramic pedestal or plant stand broke & our client contacted Durango to repair and transform it! Check out what we did!


🔆 Restaurant Bar Transformation 🔆

Check out one of our most recent projects for Villa Grande Mexican Restaurant, an amazing place in Fort Worth, Texas.

This was a bar transformation… originally it’s made of tile, as shown in the images, and they requested Durango’s help for some change.

To offer a transformative solution for a great price with great quality + design we placed wooden framed fabric panels on top of the existing tile on the bar front!

What do you think about this updated version?!

(P.S- To not bother customers during business hours, All of the work was done at our workshop in Dallas. Once finished, we easily placed the 13 panels on the surface of the bar)


🔆 Bench Repurpose 🔆

Like-New Bench!! Quick service we did for this bench... We can help you repurpose existing furniture or build something new from scratch!


🔆 Bathroom Vanity Transformation 🔆


Check out what we did for this project! We completely redesigned it by adding brand new cabinets, granite countertop, new mirror and lighting. 

🔆 From Door Frame To Entrance Mirror 🔆

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