The Circus of Durango Trading & the Ring Master Behind It.

A large truck with random flashing lights, a police like siren screaming out and a dozen or so different stickers stuck to the sides; two of which read "The Circus of Furniture" and "Powered by Jesus" is pulling into a shaded parking spot. At first thought most folks probobly think one of two things: either here comes someone who is a little off or a curiosity sparks and you can't help but find out more about who is behind the wheel.

Out pops a fit, middle aged man. You notice he has an immediate pep in his step, you can't possibly miss the colorful clothing he might be in, or the gray streaks through his hair and beard. He might remind you of a exccentric version of the most interesting man in the world! You know like the t.v. commercials. Except he is drinking green tea not beer and instead of being surrounded by models he has freshly constructed hand-made pieces of furniture as well as re-finished works of art all of which have a story behind them.

The man you have etched in your mind is none other than Alberto Zambrano, owner of Durango Trading Company. He is the ring master otherwise known/referred too by myself, the entire staff, and faithful customers alike as "The Eye" behind the creations. Alberto has the gift of creating "THE" conversation piece that one might build there area around. And from the first step you take into the lifestyle that is Durango you know what I'm talking about.

I guess this would be a good a time as any to introduce myself. I am Brian Schma. I am the store manager and an "eye" in training in short. You will notice when you come to our store that there is a lot going on. You will also, like most everyone else get an immediate warm and welcoming feeling. Alberto and all staff included do our best to be faithful christians. You may walk in at the tail end of a weekly meeting as one of us is praying over the group. some folks get excited to see it others might not comment. Either way we are very happy to see whoever it may be that has walked in.

So with the introduction behind us, I'd like to share the purpose of this new blog I'm going to start writing. I along with everyone else here at the store believe its important to give props/praise/thanks to other local, family owned and operated businesses that we like such as restaraunts, botiques and entertainment venues. I will also include projects we might be working on, re-finishing techniques, insparational pieces, pieces that have good story behind them along with events we might attend and trips we might take.

Hey and if you would like to leave comments please feel free or if you have questions on certain things regarding home/office furnishings and/or re-purposing I'd be more than happy to have a conversation with ya'll.

I'll end with some food for thought.

"Life is 10% what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it." –Charles Swindoll

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